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Last updated: December 4, 2014      

Jon Maravelias is a Development Associate with the NGO NaDEET based in Namibia, Africa.

Recent news and developments

  • April 2011: Jon Maravelias of the NGO, NaDEET, traveled to five communities in Namibia to evaluate results of previous solar cooking workshops conducted by the organization. The areas are mostly rural and poor. He reports; In general, it seemed that the poorer you were, the more you relied on solar cooking since it meant you did not need to collect firewood for the day. He visited several women who use the solar cooker and fuel-efficient stoves to heat their bath water and to cook all of their meals. The most successful communities were the ones with a traditional power structure. Both the communities of Maltahohe and Bethanien were under the leadership of two elder women. NaDEET also has been active in planting new trees in this mostly barren area. Read more...


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