Last updated: 25 November 2014      
Johan van wyk

Johan van Wyk is the founder of SunGenius Built-in Solar Ovens. He lives in Pretoria, South Africa. Johan and Gys his farm manager, also a long-time solar cook, decided they had enough of portable solar cookers. Solar cooking from the comfort of the inside of the house was not negotiable. 


Gys's wife Magrieta, made them take this last ever picture of her having to cook in a portable solar oven in her life.

Mobile solar oven

They believe that solar cooking can effectively become a commonly used household appliance, if the leaders in the industry will just listen to the specific needs of the end user. If anyone asks about a wall oven, the solar cooking guru's still offers the 40 year old wall oven designed and built by Barbara Kerr, as if the Model T Ford should still be the best vehicle for the modern family.

The SunGenius Built-in Solar Oven just received the green light for international patententing and is already on a journey of providing it's customers an affordable, convenient and stylish household appliance of the highest quality.

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Johan van Wyk


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