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Joel Goodman is a research architect living in Wisconsin. After a few solar cooking experiences in the 1970-80s, he began studies of small-mid size solar kitchens using built-in fixed ovens (2003), inserted solar box cookers (2005), and augmented with building size nonimaging fixed reflector troughs with adjustable end reflectors (2007)(2009). Because of outgassing concerns from materials (insulation, glues, etc.) inside of augmented box cookers, and box cookers take up space in kitchens, mid-size kitchen studies began with thru-wall greenhouse type (HotPotTM, etc.) ovens (2006), and recently for small houses with thru-wall greenhouse type ovens combined with improved cook stoves, revealing house plan and solar access planning requirements. Additional studies are for exterior furniture fixed reflectors augmenting box cookers.

Square tube beam for PV pergolas June 22 2007

PV pergolas Square tube beam and natural round wood -

HotPots above involutes-one-sided CPC 6-23-07

Hotpot-type cookers with involute reflectors and wall supported one sided cpc non-imaging reflector

Solar Cooker Cart with Greenhouse Type Ovens

Solar Cooker Cart with Greenhouse Type Ovens

Glass glued to CSEB June 2008

Glass glued to compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB) with thin amounts of silicone sealant on glass and CSEB.

Joel Goodman - Study model - Greenhouse type oven in lower nonimaging reflector frame

Study model - Greenhouse type oven in lower nonimaging reflector frame

Recent news and developments

  • September 2011:
Joel Goodman - Thru wall oven kitchen plan, 10-1-11

Thru-wall oven kitchen plan

Joel Goodman Thru wall oven section, elevation 10-5-11

Thru-wall oven section

  • When a thru wall cooker counter height is higher, 36 inches/ 915mm above kitchen floor level, and the outdoor ground level is lower, 24-36 inches or more below the kitchen floor level, a more substantial construction is required to support the fixed reflector concentrator, possible with an integrated small storage space/room. And a higher rainwater drain permits water storage with a higher gravity flow.

  • May 2011:
Joel Goodman Thru-wall Mirror oven 5-31-11

Thru mirror wall oven for house kitchen

Joel Goodman thru wall cluster home plan 5-31-11

Schematic Cluster of House Plans

  • April 2011:
Joel Goodman solar restaurant concept

A solar restaurant concept

  • January 2011:
Nonimaging mid-size Solar Kitchen

Non-imaging mid-size solar kitchen

PLAN of nonimaging solar kitchen

Non-imaging solar kitchen plan

Nonimaging fixed reflector scoop section-2010

Non-imaging fixed reflector scoop griddle

Building integrated fixed reflector scoop griddle

Building integrated fixed reflector scoop griddle

  • A building integrated fixed reflector non-imaging mid-size solar kitchen schematic for non-seismic locations combines: multiple thru-mirror wall greenhouse type ovens on one side, and on the other side a scoop type reflector concentrator.

Goodman, partial plan kitchen thru-wall

Partial plan of a house kitchen with a thru-wall oven.

  • The adjacent illustration of a partial house kitchen plan illustrates orientation and solar access requirements for a thru-mirror wall greenhouse type oven. The top edge of a nonimaging fixed reflector can align with different wall and roof house construction types and shapes.
Various fabrication-construction methods for a chair-size thru mirror wall oven nonimaging reflector concentrator include:
  1. Masonry substrates (compressed stabilized earth blocks, fired bricks, etc.) for gluing flat laminated glass mirror segments.
  2. Bent metal reflectors bolted to a center concrete pyramid with glued reflectors.
  3. Prefabricated injection molded plastic substrates for adhering reflectors.

  • December 2010: Joel has provided some conceptual ideas for incorporating thru-wall solar oven, and solar still installations.
Goodman, Thru wall oven.jpg

Thru wall oven

Goodman, Thru Wall water still

Thru wall water still

Goodman, solar kitchen studies

Larger oven possibilities

Goodman, Thru wall solar oven nonimaging fixed concentrator

Thru wall solar oven non-imaging fixed concentrator

Goodman top hinged reflector door 2005

Thru-wall reflector door flap-section (2005).

Goodman box cooker furniture

Box cooker augmenting fixed reflector furniture (2005).


  • June 2003: Goodman, Joel H., "Selected Building Integrated Active Solar Energy Structures", International Solar Energy Society Solar World Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 14-19, 2003.
  • 2005: Goodman, J.H., (2005) Solar Cooking Kitchen Studies with Building Size Nonimaging Reflectors, ISES Solar World Congress, Orlando, Florida, 8-2005
  • August 2006: Goodman, Joel H., “Architectonic studies with building size nonimaging reflectors”, invited, Proceedings of the World Renewable Energy Congress IX, Florence, Italy, Aug., 2006.
  • 2007: Goodman, Joel H., (2007),“Architectonic Studies with Selected Reflector Concentrating Solar Collectors”, Journal of Green Building, Vol. 2 Number 2, Spring, College Publishing, pp 78-108.
  • January 2009: Goodman, Joel H., Building Size Fixed Reflector CPC Troughs and Bowls for Food Processing Facilities, Proceedings of the International Solar Food Processing Conference, ISES, Jan. 2009, Indore, India
  • January 2009: Building size fixed reflector CPC Troughs and Bowls for Food Processing Facilities - Joel Goodman


Joel H. Goodman
P.O. 14, Dodgeville, Wisconsin 53533

Tel: (608) 935-5483


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