Last updated: 25 November 2014      

Jim Scott, a founding Board Member of the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center, worked with Barbara Kerr in Taylor, Arizona as the resident engineer for 10 years. He has conducted much design and development work, and continues as Advisor to the Center and to the public.

He relocated to Alaska in 2008 where he presently (mid-2016) is developing the Alaska Sustainable Habitat on agricultural land he purchased Near the village of Talkeetna. He visits the Center occasionally to work on campus improvement projects. Jim reports that the limited sun in South Central Alaska (Anchorage region) makes solar cooking difficult.

He is now working through UAF Coop Ext on other projects, such as adapting the rocket mass heater as a greenhouse seed incubator and developing an Alaska biochar retort facility to amend our poor, cold, shallow acidic soil.

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P.O. Box 801
Talkeetna, Alaska 99676

Tel.+907 733-5403

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