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GAM 6991

The ASSC Advantage. Capturing the first morning sun

GAM 6984

ASSC focused at 85º solar elevation


Jumbo ASSC and 3 regulars catching November Sun

All Season Solar Cooker

The All Season Solar Cooker

Since 2008 inventor Jim La Joie has built and shipped the All Season Solar Cooker to interested solar cooking agencies. Cookers have been sent to The Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Japan, Niger, Mexico, Haiti, and most recently, to the Indian alternative energy agency PRINCE. In several of these locations they will be used as a means to create jobs and provide a source for cooking and safe water.

Through his webpage, Jim has reached out to 133 countries around the world. Visitors may view instructional videos, free plans and instructions for both the All Season Solar Cooker and the new Jumbo ASSC.

Jim La Joie participates in the San Diego Solar Cooking Club meetup group which offers demonstrations and instructional workshops several times a year.

Although the web has been an oustanding outreach tool, it remains Jim La Joie's sincere hope that nonprofit organizations will use this invention to provide safe water, clean cooking, and economic opportunity to those in need.

News and recent developments

See also

  • All Season Solar Cooker - All Season Solar Cookers are being sent to solar cooking agencies for the purpose of evaluation and possible adoption. Solar cooking agencies that are interested in receiving an All Season Solar Cooker, at no cost, should contact Jim La Joie via email.



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