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News and recent developments

JSEEA founder, Iseko Shrai visits Kenya 1, 1-11

Iseko Shrai of JSEEA visits Kaimosi, Kenya in January 2011.

  • July 2011: Iseko Shrai visited the village of Kaimosi in Kenya to demonstrate solar cooking at an International School of Kenya. One of the participants, who is local leader, wanted to help spread solar cooking to surrounding local villages. So far she has visited more than twenty schools to introduce solar cooking.
  • May 2010: Iseko Shrai, from the Japan Solar Energy Education Association (JSEEA) met with local representatives of the Sarvodaya foundation in Sri Lanka, to provide solar cooking demonstrations in several villages recovering from tsunami damage. The demonstrations were received enthusiastically, and JSEEA was able to donate a parabolic solar cooker to each village.
  • Iseko Shirai1
    August 2009: Iseko Shirai organized "Learning based on Environment" workshop targeting on science primary school teacher, in partnership with STAIN institute in Java Island, Indonesia from August 5-8, 2009.
    The program has two parts, focusing on the light of the Sun and the heat of the Sun.
    The first part, they learned the recent information about the source of energy and the amount of energy they have recently used, then they observed we installed the hand-made solar panel outside which is used for the exterior light of the institute.
    The second part, they learned the theory of solar cooking and made solar cooker by themselves. During the class, we set panel and parabola of solar cooker outside and demonstrated solar cooking after the class. Here are some of their student’s voices.
    "If you cook by sun, you don’t need any fuels nor electricity and you can save your money and save environment without consuming natural resources."
  • August 2008: We did solar cooking in Central Park as a joint program between IEARN-USA and Japan Solar Energy Education Association. We used 5 solar cookers in total; 1 parabolic type (Sunny Cooker) and 4-panel type (3 Japanese Educooker & 1 CooKit). It was sunny on that day, best for solar cooking. We cooked many kind of meal such as chocolate cake, pizza, razania, rabiori, fruit jelly and solar harb tea.We could boil water many times, so that we could distribute tea even the people around us. We enjoyed talking to them and a wonderful time.

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