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The Japan Solar Cooking Association was founded in 2005 to promote solar cooking in Japan and overseas, by providing information on many types of solar cookers, and their construction and operation. This effort has also included information on the newly manufactured Japanese Parabolics.

JSCA often holds workshops to teach people how to make and use solar cookers, and participates in a number of ecological fairs demonstrating solar cooking. They have taught approximately one thousand people to solar cook, and about forty to be solar cooking teachers, working in Japan and Kenya.

News and recent development

  • October 2012: Japan Solar Cooking Association participated in "Paul Rusch Festival Yatsugatake County Fair" held October 13th and 14th in Yamanashi Pref. Japan. We exhibited many types of solar cookers, manufactured and handmade, and demonstrated cooking. Many visitors enjoyed solar baked sweet potatoes, cakes, cookies and popcorn. This area is known as the sunniest in Japan, so people here are interested in using solar energy. We have been participating this annual event for the last four years.
Japan SCA 1 Tanzania 10-11

Japan Solar Cooking Association visits Tanzania October, 2011.

Japan SCA 2, 10-11

Japan Solar Cooking Association visits Tanzania October, 2011.

  • October 2011: Two members of Japan Solar Cooking Association, Yasuko Torii and Toyoko Nishikawa visited 5 villages around Kitulo National Park located in the south western part of Tanzania to promote solar cooking. This was the fourth visit since January 2008. They exhibited parabolic cookers, handmade box and panel type cookers and demonstrated cooking at October Mpeto Festival 2011 held on October 2 in Matamba town. Many visitors watched and enjoyed tasting solar baked cakes and popcorn.
  • June-July 2010: JSCA participated in Renewable Energy 2010 International Exhibition held in Yokohama, Japan exhibiting twenty solar cookers, and other handmade and commercial products.
  • September 2009: Two JSCA members visited four villages in Kitulo National Park, Tanzania to promote solar cooking. They also held workshops for building energy efficient wood cook stoves using bricks and clay.
  • January and September 2008: Two members went to Kitulo National Park, Tanzania to hold workshops to teach villagers how to make and use solar cookers.

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Yasuko Torii, Founder
Japan Solar Cooking Association
2-8-12 Kamitsuchidana-Kita
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