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Janak McGilligan

Dr. Janak McGilligan

Dr. Janak McGilligan and her late husband Jimmy McGilligan were Baha'i pioneers who established and developed the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women. Janak served as Director since its establishment on June 1, 1985 until she retired on April 16, 2011. Jimmy served as Manager from 1988 to 2011. Janak is now the director of the Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development.


McGilligan five solar cooker subsidy to landless women, 6-22-17

Women training women to use solar cookers, celebrating World Environment Day. Photo credit: J. McGilligan, 2017.

  • NEW: June 2017: Dr. Janak McGilligan, SCI Global Advisor, was joined by chief guest Dr. Vandana Shiva, plenary speaker at the 6th SCI World Conference 2017, at the World Environment Day celebration. Five parabolic solar cookers were distributed to five landless women who have been cooking over open fires. The women contributed 10% of the purchase price for the PRINCE cookers. The remainder was subsidized by Solar Cookers International donors.
  • NEW: Janak Palta McGilligan is honored as a Green Hero by TERI - TERI honored Dr. Mrs. Janak Palta McGilligan as a Green Hero for her inspiring work in the field of solar cooking and sustainable lifestyles in Indore, India. TERI video on Janak's work...
  • NEW: May 2017: Janak Palta McGilligan receives SCI award - Recognized for her exemplary work in promoting solar thermal cooking, Janak recently received the Solar Cookers Internationals Order of Excellence. Read more...
  • April 2016: Dr. Mrs. Janak McGilligan has been appointed to the Solar Cookers International Advisory Council. SCI noted; "Your depth of knowledge and considerable contributions to the global understanding of solar thermal and related technologies is respected worldwide." - The Free Press Journal

Articles in the media


  • April 2016: Sustainable Development by Integrating Use of Solar Cookers for Organic Products]] - Janak McGilligan, CONSOLFOOD 2016

Audio and video

  • NEW: May 2017: 
Jaivik Janak Green Heroes Film Festival - TERI04:28

Jaivik Janak Green Heroes Film Festival - TERI

  • March 2017:
Gap Sap with Padma Shri Janak Palta McGilligan Social Worker S02E02 Hindi01:09:48

Gap Sap with Padma Shri Janak Palta McGilligan Social Worker S02E02 Hindi

  • January 2017:
Dr. (Mrs19:51

Dr. (Mrs.) Janak Palta McGilligan - Promoting Solar Cooking for Sustainable Development Goals

  • July 2014:
McGilligan Empowering young Rural and Tribal women with Solar Cookers09:28

McGilligan Empowering young Rural and Tribal women with Solar Cookers

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Dr. Janak McGilligan
Village &Panchayat Sanawadiya
Kampel Road
Indore 452016
Madhya Pradesh

Tel: +91 9977713397, +91 9425032935


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