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Jaideep Malaviya
Jaideep Malaviya (Jai) has been a consultant in solar energy since 1990. He has worked with Institutions like the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) and is associated with several leading Indian and International Institutions such as IREDA, InWEA to promote the cause of solar energy. He has successfully demonstrated how locally low-cost solar ovens can be made for rural people in India and continues in the pursuit of making cooking in India fossil-fuel-free by promoting the use of solar ovens. Jai holds energy camps for school children demonstrating experiments in solar energy, including solar PV and the construction of low-cost cardboard solar ovens.

In 2011 Jai was named CEO for the Solar Thermal Federation of India. STFI serves as a voice for the solar water heater industry before government. The association aims to strengthen the performance of member companies, support industry growth and to work for the implementation of all steps to realise the high potential of solar water heater. Read more about his new position...

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