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Jack Howell works with Budd Mackenzie to support the work of Trust in Education in Afghanistan. Jack organizes the production of solar cookers in California, USA. The they are shipped to Kabul, and Budd arranges for their distribution.

Recent news and developments

Trust in Education Afghan family with cooker, 4-7-13

Afhgan family receives their Trust in Education solar cooker.


The Trust in Education variation of the CooKit, which uses recycled Peet's Coffee bags for the reflective material.

  • April 2013: Jack Howell reports that once the 100 volunteer-built solar ovens were delivered, a solar box cooker variation with a wooden base and 1" of rigid insulation, refugee families were bused to the Trust in Education office in Kabul, Afghanistan. They were given a four-hour lesson on how to use the solar ovens, and each family was given an oven to take back to their camp. Since this initial project, the new cookers are a CooKit variation, being produced at a local box manufacturing company in San Leandro, California. The reflective material used for the solar panel cookers is recycled Mylar coffee bean bags from Peet’s coffee headquartered in Berkeley, California. They are cut open and cleaned by adults with developmental disabilities by the people from Futures Explored in Lafayette, CA. With the reflective interior surface facing out, they are then stapled to the cooker panels by the Afghans. We have delivered 2,000 cookers to Afghanistan and collected over 20,000 bags from Peet’s (keeping many Mylar bags from the landfill.) The new cookers are working very well and Afghans love them.

Articles in the media

May 2013: Going Solar, Peet's Coffee donate mylar bags for solar cooker reflectors in Afghanistan - Peet's newsletter

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