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Jack Blanks
As a former board member of Solar Cookers International (SCI) since January 2005 and solar cooking enthusiast, I find myself telling others about solar cookers in the course of both my personal and professional activities. Colleagues at work as well as neighbors and fellow gardeners at our local cooperative garden have all been introduced to cooking with the sun. My job involves regular travel to under-developed countries, and I always pack a CooKit just in case I get the chance to demonstrate solar cooking to a key leader or policy maker. Each of these acts inform people about SCI and solar cooking and water pasteurization's potential to impact people and places, worldwide. They constitute advocacy on an individual level.

Imagine the magnitude of our voices, joined, our efforts combined. SCI’s success in advocating this simple, solar solution depends not only on your generous contributions, but your individual efforts to tell friends, families, and colleagues about solar cooking and water pasteurization. Consider the impact of placing a mention of SCI in your newsletter or on your Web site, leaving SCI literature in your office’s display shelves, or forwarding this message to five people you think may be interested. On behalf of a people and planet in need, thank you for your advocacy efforts. The sun is high, the time is right, and your participation appreciated by all involved!


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