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J. Cally Alles has been working for a number of years in Rwanda to promote change in the traditional cooking methods for people living in rural areas. Through his association with the Rotary Club of Kigali, he began work on introducing the Integrated Solar Cooking system, which teaches the benefits of solar cooking, rocket stoves, fireless cookers, and a WAPI (water pasteurization indicator) where unclean drinking water is pasteurized by solar cooker or rocket stove to the pasteurization temperature of 150°F (65°C). His work has been done also in association with Wilfred and Marie Pimentel of the Rotary Club of Fresno, California. While he has been able to devote valuable time to these projects, he is also Director General of Sorwathe, a large tea Import company in Rwanda.

News and recent developments

  • January 2014: There has been no recent activity reported for J. Cally Alles, and there is a possibility that he is no longer involved with solar cooking.
  • May 2010: As a follow-up to the matching grant between the Rotary Club of Fresno,California, with Wilfred and Marie Pimentel and host Rotary Club of Kigali, with J. Cally Alles begun in 2003, the federal government has adopted the Rocket Stove as the official wood stove. This eliminates the 3-stone fire, which uses much wood, causes lung and eye disease, deforestation, and occasional burns on children. The new stove will be saving 60% to 80% of the wood required for cooking. This is a result of the success of the Integrated Cooking Method, which teaches the benefits of solar cooking, Rocket stoves, and fireless cookers, as well as the use of a WAPI(water pasteurization indicator). The WAPI allows monitoring of water temperature when unclean drinking water is pasteurized by a solar cooker or rocket stove to the required pasteurization temperature of 150°F (65°C). The association between the Rotary Clubs are also about to start, with J. Cally Alles, a national WAPI program where they will be manufactured in Rwanda.

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J. Cally Alles
Director General of Sorwathe

Tel: +250 (1)788-300-546


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