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The HotBag Project promotes cooking with retained heat, with particular relevance to all food cooked with water (rice, porridge, potatoes, vegetables, soups, stews, dried beans, and even a whole chicken). The HotBag is a companion to any and every stove, at home or away. Once food is heated to boiling point on a stove, cooking can continue in a HotBag. The light-weight, non-bulky insulation includes a heat-reflective foil which also acts as a steam barrier. Using a HotBag does not lengthen normal cooking time, while it reduces stove time by two thirds. Food remains hot for 3 to 5 hours and longer. Being portable, the HotBag enables hot dishes to be transported in a vehicle while cooking, and it is also useful as a coolerbag for grocery shopping.

The project aims to achieve recognition of the benefits of the HotBag as an essential cooking item in every household:

~Environmental benefits through 50% less stove usage in normal cooking procedures. ~ Enhanced safety and convenience around cooking. ~ Makes meals more delicious and more nutritious. ~ Also useful as a coolerbag.

HotBag cooking does not mean a longer cooking time. It means less stove usage. For example, Rice: 5-10 min. on the stove + 20 min in a HotBag = perfectly cooked rice - in normal time. Then you have the advantage of keeping it warm without it burning and no more burnt pots.

The HotBag Project is a South African initiative, and the HotBag is a registered design.

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