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Los Pajarillos, Honduras DWS

Developing World Solar project

  • August 2010: Developing World Solar has partnered with The Public Health Brigade to donate a solar stove to a school in Los Pajarillos, Honduras. The stove will be used to serve food to the school children. Community leader Rigoberto says he will be holding a workshop soon to train the mothers of the children how to cook on the new solar technology.


Another of the PROCESO organizations is located in Honduras. The organization in Honduras is called Centro de Hornos Solares; a woman named Martha Corina Carranza is the main contact for the group. The group operates somewhat in similar manner to that described above for Guatemala and the other Central American nations. The group is an independent organization, with loose links to Central American Solar Energy Project and its founder, Bill Lankford.

In 1993, a regional conference on solar cooking was held in San Pedra Sula in June, bringing together many of the promoters from the region. Solar Cookers International (SCI) was instrumental in this event, providing some small start-up money for the conference, and playing a role in the meetings themselves. The basic idea was the encouragement of networking among the solar promoters of the region, an objective that clearly was achieved. M.A. Flores and R. Calderon, two faculty members from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Department of Physics, Energy Section, have long been active promoters and were instrumental in organizing a major Latin American Solar Conference in 2001.

[Information for this section was taken originally from State of the Art of Solar Cooking by Dr. Barbara Knudson]

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More than half the population of Honduras still cooks over wood fires and the government spends more than 40% of its revenues to subsidize the import of petroleum for bottled gas and transport fuel. - Source: Patricia McArdle

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