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Last updated: May 1, 2014      

Herman Nachtergaele is a volunteer for the NGO Sol Suffit in Belgium. Their solar cooker is the SuniCook.

Recent news and developments

  • December 2011: The SolarCooker Eco3 was mentioned on the news in Belgium Television during the climate conference in Durban. The product is advised as a perfect alternative for wood stoves used for preparing meals. It was promoted in Senegal Djoudj and Dakar and is now fully accepted by local families.
  • September 2011: SolarCooker Eco3 was a great success at the GLEE fair in Birmingham. The SolarCooker Eco3 was introduced recently on the market during the International Glee Fair in Birmingham UK. The stand had a lot of visitors all over the world. Main interest came from Japan, Australia, Africa and som Asian regions. A distribution agreement was already signed with a company based in Ghana. Several proposals are under investigation for USA Florida, Botswana, Australia, Japan and Israel. We believe the SolarCookerEco3 had a great launch on the fair , the expectations for the coming months are great. Pictures of the fair you can find on our website. For more info about our distributor in Ghana follow this link.

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Herman Nachtergaele
VZW Sol Suffit
Normandiestraat 178 Wevelgem

Tel.: +32 56 401979
Mobile: +32 485025503,br>


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