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If you want help using Wikia, please visit Help:Contents. If you're looking to explore Wikia and see a selection of its sites, you might browse the hubs or find out more on the Wikia home page.

The Wikia tour is a project that will tour you through active Wikia sites, along the lines of the Wiki Tour Bus. Community Central was formerly added to the Wiki Tour Bus with the option of diverging from the main tour into the Wikia tour, but for technical reasons that linkage is not current.

Links to mini-tours of individual wikias can be found on the list on Community Central, and the opening and closing pages of those tours are each a modified copy of the box below (which is not meant to work properly on Community Central, which does not have its own tour).

Tours of other wikias can be created using a copy of the instruction page on Community Central; that page explains how it is to be copied and used to create a tour.

It is fairly easy to create your own mini-tour, since you copy a few pages from Community Central to your wikia, including a simple template that provides a header box and transcludes content from your selection of existing pages on your wikia. You don't need to create any new content, other than adding an introductory "commentary" to each tour subpage that includes a transcluded page.

Once your wikia has its tour working, you may follow a few more simple steps to link it into the tour network. It is easy to insert other pages in it before or after it is linked.

Want to help us create a new stop on the Wikia tour? There is an archived forum about it, but the idea has been generally superseded by other Wikia improvements. This remains for people who like it.

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