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Articles that are very short are referred to as stubs. The following is a list of new stub templates that can be added to the bottom of articles. More stub templates are forthcoming. Clicking the Template links will direct one to what the stub looks like and also if anyone wants to make adjustments to these new stubs. After adding the stub template abbreviation, the article is then automatically placed in stub categories.

  • For Cooking related stubs add {{Cooking Stub}} to the bottom of the article page if the article needs expansion. Associated category: Cooking Stubs
  • For an stub article about a Nation, add {{Country Stub}}. Associated category: Country Stubs
  • For biographical article stubs add {{Biography Stub}}. Associated category: Biography Stubs
  • For company stubs add {{Company Stub}}. Associated category: Company Stubs
  • For non-governmental organizations (NGOs) add {{NGO Stub}}. Associated category: NGO Stubs

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