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The Lifestyle hub

Hubs on Community Central are certain pages that list some of Wikia's active English-language wikias, sorted into categories.

The hubs have two purposes. First, we want to help new Wikia users to find content that interests them. We also want to encourage currently active users to check out some other wikias that may be similar to the ones that they usually work on. Looking at other wikias can give you a lot of ideas about how to improve your own... and you may find people there that you'd like to work with.

Types of hubs

There are three types of hubs -- major hubs, secondary hubs and the special hubs. 

Major hubs

The major hubs are the big topics:

Entertainment *
Gaming *

Philosophy and Religion

Politics and Activism
Science and Nature
Travel and Places

* These hubs are so large, they have their own wikias.

Secondary hubs

The secondary hubs are for special areas of interest, sometimes crossing over between major hubs.

Cartoons and Comics
Fan Fiction

Performing Arts

Science Fiction

Special hubs

The special hubs show off the newest, the largest and the most active wikias on Wikia.

Biggest wikias

Most active wikias

New wikias

How wikias are listed

Any very active English-language wikia can be listed on a major hub. If it's appropriate, a wikia may also be listed on a secondary hub and/or a special hub. A wikia should not be listed on more than one major hub.

Wikias are sometimes listed under the topic rather than the actual name of the wikia -- for example, "Scroogepedia" might be listed as "Charles Dickens Wikia". A new reader who's browsing through the hub listing might not recognize the clever name, so we try to make it easy for them to find what they're looking for.

Only English-language wikias should be listed on the hubs. For wikias in other languages, see w:c:translate:Central Wikia.

Community participation


The Cartoons and Comics hub

The hubs are good old-fashioned hand-crafted wikia pages, and aren't automated -- so it's great when users can help to update the hubs.

If you notice that an active wikia is missing from the hub listing, feel free to add it! This is especially true for wikias that have been created recently.

On most of the hubs, a wikia gets a "star" when it reaches 500+ pages. (For the Big wikias hub, the star is for 5000+ pages.) If you see that a wikia has reached that threshold, feel free to add the star.


Each hub page has a "spotlights" section at the top, drawing attention to some of the most active or most interesting wikias.

If there's a wikia that you think should be highlighted on the hub, visit its talk page on Community Central!

Brand-new wikias probably won't get spotlighted right away. It's tempting to want to add your new wikia as a spotlight, but there are so many new wikias that it would overwhelm the hubs.

For tips on how to attract contributors to your new wikia, check out 10 steps to raise your wiki's Google ranking.


If you have questions about how the hubs work, leave a message in the Central Forums.

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