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[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
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[[Category:Solar cooker plans]]
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The Helios Bread Oven at work

The Helios Array is a solar concentrator configuration that is suited for a Village-scale (or medium scale commercial) solar oven design.

Its strong attraction is the fact that it is made with off the shelf materials, available in most countries, and the power in Watts it can produce.

Formally named the Helios Array.

  • Mirror Area: 54 square feet (5 sq. M.).
  • Performance: equal to large (3,500 Watt) oven element.
  • Cost: under $500 Cdn. if it is made locally. (Compare this model to Villager Sun Oven at $10,000-plus (for only twice the collection area) fabricated in a United States factory).

The Helios Array is suitable for medium scale commercial enterprises. It has been developed with a rotary grain roaster, a conventional-type oven and a water purification attachment.

Helios arrays are currently roasting cacao and coffee on a commercial scale in Mexico. They are also baking bread, pizzas, cookies and roasting peanuts.

Helios array have been constructed in Mali (bakery) and India (peanuts roasting). After her trip to Mali, Marie Testud created the Helios Construction Guide available for free on the Solar Fire website.

The Solar Fire is currently working on spreading solar concentrator Helios and SFP32 (for steam engines).

News and recent developments

[[Video:Solar Cooking |thumb|350px|left|A restaurant in Thailand grills with a Helios Array, October 2010.]]

Construction plans

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Eerik Wissenz : info (at)

Marie Testud : ptit_marie (at)

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