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Last updated: 2 March 2017      
Heliac Solar Cooker, (credit Heliac), 2-15-17

The Heliac Solar Cooker fresnel lens concentrates solar energy onto a mirror, which refocusses it up to the bottom of the cooktop. - Photo credit: Heliac

Heliac is a company located in Hørsholm, Denmark. They produce polymer foil solar concentrators for medium size utility installations. They have developed a process to create a clear film with a profile that mimics the shape of traditional fresnel lens for a fraction of the cost.

They realized this technology would also be useful in creating a solar cooker design. The company claims this prototype is capable of boiling a liter of water in fifteen minutes. Having a simple framework, the company wishes others to build their own frames and use their material for the lens. They offer their design of the framework shown in photos as open source, and welcome interested parties to share their thoughts on the design and use of the cooker.

When mounted on a frame the solar cooker fresnel lens has an aperture area of 105cm x 140cm. The focal point has been purposely broadened, giving a spot size of 8cm in diameter. The focal length is 200cm, this being the distance the refracted rays travel before reaching the bottom of the pot.

Solar Cooker v4-3

The Heliac Solar Cooker v4.3 - Photo credit: Heliac

The instruction manuals for the most recent design of the framework (v4.3) can be accessed through the following links

Solar cooker features



Heliac logo, 3-2-17

Savsvinget 4D, DK-2970


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