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Hartmut Ehmler

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Hartmut Ehmler photo, 4-24-14
Lightoven diagram, 7-11-13

Lightoven I schematic

Lightoven side photo

The Lightoven I in a tilted position.

Hartmut Ehmler lives in Potsdam, Germany, and is the designer of the Lightoven I, Lightoven II, and the Lightoven III. He began experimenting with solar cooker designs in 1991, but set it aside, until he rediscovered his interest in 2010. He wished to design a solar cooker that would be lightweight and compact, easily taken camping or for other outdoor activities. This lead to the design of the Lightoven.

Besides using the Lightovens, he also cooks with a Global Sun Oven. He began teaching solar cooking in 2010, and he has taught 50 people to solar cook up to the summer of 2013.

Recent news and developments

  • April 2014: Hartmut's latest cooker version, the Lightoven III, is shown on the left in comparison with a CooKit.
Lightoven III, 4-22-14

The Lightoven III shown on the left in comparison with a CooKit.

  • July 2013: Hartmut is working on refining the Lightoven I to increase its versatility and at the same time decrease the price for production by incorporating design simplifications. He feels his design may be an option for finding a more durable version of the CooKit solar panel cooker.

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Hartmut Ehmler
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Str. 42
14480 Potsdam

Tel.: + 49 0331-6004566

Email: email contact page

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