Last updated: 22 March 2016      
Haines Solar Cooker

The Haines Solar Cooker

In the photo accompanying Bernard Müller's test results, the Haines Solar Cooker’s reflector is half-closed, rather than being in its intended “open” position, as shown in the photo here. This “cramped” reflector would only have collected 60% of the heat that it collects in the “open” position.

Normally, the reflector is held in the “open” position by the circular cover that comes with the Haines cooker. Unfortunately, the cover was not used in the test because Bernard chose to test all cookers with identical cooking pots encased in identical plastic bags with no additional glazing. The fact seems to me missed that the Haines Cooking Sleeve makes plastic bags unnecessary.

My own (Roger Haines') side-by-side tests show that, when used as intended, the Haines Solar Cooker consistently heats water 50% faster than the CooKit, the HotPot, and five other popular solar cookers. My full test results are available here, and on my website: