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  • August 2000: Voluntaires Guineens pour l’Environnement reports they have been working on solar cooker production and promotion in Guinea since 1995. “For every one cooker that is bought, we always make sure that we fabricate one for a poor family in the rural village,” writes Abdoulaye Sadid Diallo. “By this system, we have now put in place about 250 cookers just for the village population.” Mr. Diallo reports that the Voluntaires have a solar cooking training staff but have trouble obtaining the necessary materials for building cookers.

The History of Solar Cooking in GuineaEdit

A long lasting effort in Guinea is found in the work of a solar pioneer in that country, Abdoulaye Sadid Diallo, who has spearheaded an effort which has produced hundreds of solar cookers, both box type and panels. The organization, called Voluntaires Guineens pour l’Environnement, has made and sold cookers on a plan that permits the free distribution of one cooker, to a family in a rural village, for each one they are able to sell. Occasionally they have trouble locating materials, but have a staff well trained in the training of others, and in the producing of cookers.

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