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The Grupo de Energías Renovables Aplicadas (Applied Renewable Energy Group or GERA), University of the East, was founded in 1997 under the direction of Professor of Physics Jorge Bonzon in Cuba. He has been working on the issue of renewable energy applications for considerable time and has earned several awards in the field. Their work includes the dissemination and promotion of renewable energy as a way to sustainable development and independence from fossil fuels and to encourage the younger generation to develop an environmental conscience.

News and recent developments

GERA student project in Cuba, 1-10-13

GERA project in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

  • January 2013: Utilization of solar cookers in the Basic Secondary School in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba - The Applied Renewable Energies Group (GERA) have successfully been using their versatile solar cookers to introduce solar cooking to seventh grade students at the Basic Secondary School in Cuba. The group feels it is an excellent time to introduce alternative energy strategies to these younger students. At the end of the school year, parents are invited to attend a solar festival at the school to see how the students have put their training into practice. Read more about the project at: GERA student project in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • December 2012: Cuba: 15 Years GERA Solar Thermal R&D and Testing -
GERA demonstration Summer 2011

Solar cooking demonstration in Santiago, Cuba Summer 2011.

  • August 2011: Two models of solar cookers demonstrated at the amusement Park 26 de Julio in Santiago de Cuba. This is only a part of the a project to introduce to the people to the use and practical advantages of solar cooking. This is the beginning of a big project, where we will introduce the solar cooker in many places of our city, like beaches, camping, work center, rural communities and schools. The mirror is of EverBrite, a special reflecting material. The cooker body is strong and compact and can be left in outside the home in all weather conditions. Read more at: Applied Renewable Energy Group, Cuba: Summer 2011
GERA 1 8-13-10
GERA 2 8-13-10

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