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The mission of Grupo Fenix is to contribute to the well-being of rural communities, creating an awareness of sustainable lifestyles through technical and cultural exchange, promotion, and research in the field of renewable energy.

Grupo Fenix works with the Solar Women of Totogalpa who build solar cookers and dryers and offer courses in construction. Also have internship program and work in conjunction with universities for research on solar energy applications.

News and recent developments

Colativo solar cooker 2008

Colativo Solar Cooker

  • January 4-14, 2010: Solar Culture Course hosted by Grupo Fenix - Come to Nicaragua and engage your head, heart, and hands in the real work of developing countries. The hands-on courses allow you to be immersed in the daily life of rural Nicaraguans by living with host families and working alongside local community members to create their vision of a model community through renewable energy and sustainable practices. More information here.


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Susan Kinne
Grupo Fenix
Apartado Postal #LM139
Managua, Nicaragua

Tel.: +505 2278-3133
Mobile: +505 8624-9350


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