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Today, Friday April 4, 2014 I tested in the ground solar cooking.

Where and why

The owner of the Don Mariano Canoy College has given me permission to use his place to test some. I tested solar cooking in the ground, because in 2 weeks I have to go to an area to promote solar cooking. The people there are real very poor and cannot effort to buy expenses materials. Anyway I will promote also other solar cookers I always use and promote.


How I did it today.

I dogged a round hole in the ground about 30 inch diameter and about 1 foot deep. I made the sides about 60 degrees. I covered the sites and bottom with old newspapers. Then I covered the newspapers with some old isolation foil from a junkshop. I placed a black painted cooking pot with rice in side and covered all with a piece of glass. It took about 2 hours to cook the rice.

I used some other solar cookers to cook eggs inside a black sock and that in an oven bag. No water needed.

Hotdog in a black painted pan without water in a oven bag.

The day before it was very clear weather but today it was very cloudy, but still all was cooked.

Paul van den Hurk,

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