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Telephone: 0052 – 1771 1199 280<br>
Telephone: 0052 – 1771 1199 280<br>
Email: [] or []
Email: [] or []
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[[Category:Solar food processing]]

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Gregor Schäpers works in Mexico with women's cooperatives and Scheffler reflectors to promote the creation of solar-cooked agave syrup.

Guadalarjara June 08 Large Scheffler

Renewable Energy Exhibit in Guadalajara June 2008 where Schaeper had to transport the large Scheffler Reflector by trailer.

Guadalarjara June 08 Large Scheffler Collapsed

The large Scheffler Reflector folded in two so that it could fit on a trailer.

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This website has pictures of the Six Schefflers Gregor Schäpers built for the San Andreas Solar Coop that processes the liquid women harvest from the maguey cactus then boil down to syrup (reduction to 10%), a health food used as a sugar substitute, which is excellent for diabetics. Here is a direct link to the images.


A.P. 84
42300 Ixmiquilpan / Hidalgo

Telephone: 0052 – 1771 1199 280
Email: or

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