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125by600 Evacuated Tube Solar Oven

The Gourmet Solar Oven is an Evacuated Tube Solar Oven large enough to cook, bake, or boil with ease.

Magic Solar Oven Tubes

  • Cook with the power of the Sun
  • No burning unhealthy, smoky, smelly expensive fuel.
  • Cooks the same as gas oven - no special recipes required
  • Reaches temperatures of 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit
    Yellow Flames opened shot at 45

    Flame 2 Case Design - Simple, Elegant, High Heat!

  • Self cleaning, just leave it in the sun for a while.
  • 3 square foot cooking area.
  • Inner and outer glass tubes are heavy duty 3mm thick Pyrex type glass.
  • Inner cook area is glass with no smelly coatings.
  • Vacuum between two tubes traps heat better than any other solar oven.
    Yellow Flames closed shot at 45

    Flame 2 case - 400 degrees - Travel ready - Cook while you carry it!

  • UV radiation doesn’t affect glass or aluminum.
  •           15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    Clean tray with eggs1

Product Specifications

  • Estimated service life 20 years with proper care
  • Magic solar oven can last a lifetime
  • Holds >200 degree C (>400 degrees F) all day
  • 4 degree per minute preheat (conventional solar ovens are <1/2 degree per minute)

The Flame 2 case design is an elegant, user friendly and sturdy oven.

How many Solar Ovens do you know of that have a sliding drawer in them?

The Flame 2 Oven really is The Microwave Oven of Solar Cooking!

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