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How to Use the GoSun Stove00:46

How to Use the GoSun Stove

For the last few years the inventors at GoSun have been pouring their lives into bringing this high efficiency, portable solar cooker to the masses. This passion resulted in the GoSun Stove, a truly practical fuel-free cooking solution, safely sizzling up to 550°F and cooking meals in 20 minutes using only the sun!

Empowerment Program

Additionally, the GoSun Stove team aims to reduce the use of dirty fuels such as wood and charcoal for cooking.  This will help decrease respiratory illnesses, restore forests, and save critical resources for impoverished families around the world.

We are excited to share our revolutionary solar cooker with you and we hope you'll also find ways to incorporate our technology into what you're doing:

  1. Innovative Design - The GoSun's patent pending design allows for quick setup and storage, easy cleaning, and compact storage, providing a truly viable alternative to fossil fuels, all in a 3.5LB package. 
  2. Fuel Free/ Green - The GoSun provides a viable alternative to fossil fuels that can hold its own against its dirtier and more expensive carbon based counterparts. 
  3. Sustainable Development Potential - The GoSun Stove addresses many of the problems that have caused solar cookers to fail in the developing world. Fast, durable, and adaptable to a variety of cooking styles.
  4. Made For A Busy Lifestyle - The GoSun sets up in seconds, and can cook a meal in 20 minutes needing no constant adjusting to the Sun. Easy to clean and durable, the GoSun is the first truly practical portable solar cooker. 
  5. Promotes Solar Energy - The GoSun Stove is a fantastic gateway experience to appreciating the power of the Sun. It’s a natural promotion for the solar industry as a whole. 

For more information visit our website at

Thanks for taking the time to check us out,

Patrick, Founder and Inventor

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How to Use the GoSun Stove00:46

How to Use the GoSun Stove

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