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Grace Magney demonstrating solar cooking in Afghanistan

Grace Magney demonstrates solar cooking in Afghanistan

The purpose of the project is to supply subsidized solar cookers as an affordable solution for middle- and lower-income families. The project is to assemble and distribute 2,000 solar cookers to families in Afghanistan during 2006. One thousand will be the SOS SPORT Solar Ovens and 1,000 will be panel cookers. The cookers will be subsidized so that most families will be able to afford either. The materials for making the ovens will be imported and Afghans will be trained to assemble and demonstrate solar cooking.

In the village of Qalai Badar Khan, just south of Kabul, Global Hope Network, distributed 28 K-14 parabolic cookers in 2003. Every family is using theirs after three years.

News and recent developments

Jeff Waalkes Afghan woman, 10-18-12
Jeff Waalkes Afghan valley , 10-18-12

Delivery of the parabolic solar cookers to the Kirghiz tribe arrive on the backs of yaks.

  • October 2012: Parabolic solar cookers delivered to Afghanistan's remote Wakhan Corridor - The Kirghiz tribe live at the end of this slender finger of land in northeastern Afghanistan. Their primary fuel source for cooking has been dried yak dung, creating smoky conditions in their yurts. The buffalo-like yaks are used for most of their transportation needs. In June, Jeff Waalkes in Kirghizstan and Grace Magney with the Global Hope Network in Kabul were able to deliver ten parabolic solar cookers to the tribe. Grace organized the procurement and had the cookers loaded onto a truck. Jeff's responsibility was to get the truck into the Wakhan Corridor, and where the road petered out, strap everything including the solar cookers to the backs of yaks to deliver them to the Kirghiz. Initially hesitant, members of the tribe were soon cooking food and boiling water.

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