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Last updated: 27 May 2016      

The Gaga Refugee Camp is located in Chad and serves Darfuri refugees.

News and recent developments

  • January 2015: More HotPot solar cookers for the Gaga refugee camp in Chad - The Lutheran World Foundation, now in charge of environmental activities in Gaga refugee camp, wishes to partner with Solar Household Energy (SHE) to expand the HotPot project with 2,500 more HotPots—enough to cover 80% of households. Based on the success of the earlier HotPot project in Gaga refugee camp, SHE is also exploring options to introduce solar cookers in Burkina Faso refugee camps. See also: Refugee camps
SHE HotPot in Gaga camp

One of the fifty women who received SHE training with a HotPot cooker in Chad.

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