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Gadhia Solar Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd. (Gadhia Solar) is a company owned & directed by Badal Shah, and promoted by Shirin Gadhia and Deepak Gadhia, who are also co-founders of their NGO Eco-center, ICNEER, the International Center for Networking, Ecology, Education and Reintegration.

Both Gadhia Solar and ICNEER share the same philosophies, i.e. to promote sustainable development, taking both ecology and economy into consideration. The long-term objective of ICNEER is to bring people closer to Nature and help them become useful citizens of Planet Earth.

Gadhia Solar sees itself as the technical arm of ICNEER and strives to propagate appropriate technologies from within the country and abroad. The team behind Gadhia Solar and ICNEER has been at the forefront of solar development in India for the last 15 years. They have now begun working on developing other applications for solar concentrators, in close co-operation with the inventors, Dr. Dieter Seifert and Wolfgang Scheffler, to make them locally more accessible and affordable.

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News and recent developments

  • January 2012: Private equity firm Zephyr Peacock has invested Rs 50 crore ($11,343,000 USD) in Mumbai-based Gadhia Solar, sources close to the development told VCCircle. The solar energy company provides energy solutions by using parabolic concentrated technology and has implemented some of the world’s largest solar thermal systems during the past two decades. Read more...
Giant solar cooking system in India

Snow-capped mountains can be seen in the background of the solar cooking system

  • November 2006: An article by M.A. Siraj, appearing in the November/December 2005 issue of Refocus magazine, highlights a solar cooking system installed by Gadhia Solar Energy Systems for the Indian Army. Here is an excerpt: "The Indian Army has commissioned a giant solar cooking system at Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the Ladakh region at 4,000 meters, it is said to be the world’s highest altitude solar cooking system with the capacity to prepare food for 500 army personnel. Mr. Deepak Gadhia of Gadhia Solar Energy Systems … [said] this was one of the most challenging projects undertaken by his company as the team had to work in extremely adverse climate conditions such as snow, cold winds and sub-zero temperatures. … Prior to solar cooking being introduced, the army kitchen at this base was using nearly 50 kilograms of liquefied petroleum gas and 70 liters of diesel each day to cook food. Described as an icy desert, the region has no vegetation and hence no firewood. Diesel and gas cylinders are transported by air for the Army and the tribal population. The solar cooking system has halved the consumption of these fuels. Gadhia says the heat is generated by five pairs of 9.5 square meter parabolic reflectors which produce steam that is piped down to the kitchen for cooking purpose." Due to the cold climate, the system requires thick pipe insulation, and must be regularly drained of water when not in use.

Audio and video

  • May 2014


Deepak Gadhia helped bring the tour team to even more amazing, game-changing 'solutions' projects around the Indian state of Gujarat. We continue to count of Deepak as a social entrepreneur, a renewable energy icon, a wise source of how to apply best practices when introducing environmental actions on the rural level.

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