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GRADES-AFRICA has been involved in solar cooking since 2000 using box and CooKit type cookers. They have been teaching others since 2000 and in 2007 taught 37 people and subsidized 20 cookers. They have empowered 300 in Benin and 120 in Togo.


  • January 2013: The GRADES-AFRICA Foundation is planning to hold solar cooker workshops at selected churches - They are located around the commercial city of Cotonou in Benin. Our experience working with schools shows that after teaching the technology to students, it was intended they go back home, to try to teach their parents. However during this process, most students could not properly pass on the technology, and unfortunately their parents lost interest. In the upcoming program, GRADES-AFRICA intends to directly teach women's groups at selected churches. The workshops will run March through May 2013, and will include approximately five churches and 130 participants.

Audio and video

  • August 2011:


Vincent Nnanna (Solar Cooker Ambassador) is taking solar cooking technology to the grassroots. This video features one of the many secondary schools he has shared solar cooking technology with.

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