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Fundación Inti Uma Ecuador is based at the Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador. Professor Carpio and the University of Cuenca hosted a Latin Region Solar Cookers Conference in 1997.

News and recent developments

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  • November 2012: At the invitation of Solar Cookers International, Rodrigo Carpio of Fundación Inti Uma Ecuador built a "Minimum Solar Box Cooker" and exhibited it for the first time on Earth Day in 1990. Thus began the "Green Decade" (1990-2000) in Ecuador. We took the path of the sun and created the foundation INTI UMA, Quechua words that evoke, for our actions, the illumination of the mind in the warmth of the heart. We attended the International Congress of solar cookers SCI sponsored and organized in Cuenca, Ecuador and the Second Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean in 1997. We have conducted 230 rural and community workshops to teach the making and using of solar cookers. We have taught students at the College Benigno Malo (approx. 5,000) and the University of Cuenca. We investigated appropriate designs equatorial sun oven Inti Churi (Son of the Sun), fruits and food dehydrator; Three in one hub - paraboloid - furnace, "Sunflower" hub; Oven José Sol, multi reflector, and recreation of the Solar CooKit. However, we have not developed self-sustaining projects due to lack of funding. In Ecuador LPG is subsidized, masking the real cost of cooking gas. The current petroleum bonanza in our country results in the inability of our government to understand the urgent need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.


Prof. Rodrigo Carpio
Jacinto Flores 4-112 27 de Febrero
Azuay 0101607

Tel: 593-7-2881501
F: 593-7-821794

Web: (English version)

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