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Friends of the Old (FOTO) works in the Lower Nyakach region of western Kenya, an area with a population of 69,000, where 60% of the residents live in severe poverty. Their main source of household energy is firewood, which is becoming more scarce every year. Over the past few months, Solar Cookers International has donated sixty-five Safe Water Packages to FOTO. Their primary focus is helping economically disempowered senior citizens who take care of their orphaned grandchildren.

A Safe Water Package includes a CooKit, a supply of heat-resistant plastic bags, a cooking pot, a clay pot for safe water storage, a fuel-efficient woodstove and a retained-heat cooking basket. FOTO wants to provide elderly community members with a way to have safe drinking water, while also reducing the burden of gathering firewood and the dangerous exposure of women and children to cooking smoke. FOTO monitors the progress of its projects through home visits and monthly and quarterly management meetings.


See Dinah Chienjo.

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