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Last updated: 8 November 2014      

Friendly Appropriate Solar Technologies (FAST) has initiated solar cooking, drying and water pasteurization programs, and solar photo-voltaic programs in Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, USA and The Netherlands. FAST is a not-for-profit, volunteer-only network that:

  • Promotes the use of solar cooking, drying, and water pasteurization to benefit people and environments worldwide.
  • Promotes the Integrated Cooking Method, which includes Rocket stoves and Heat-retention cooking.
  • Teaches how to produce solar ovens, solar food dryers, and Water Pasteurization Indicators.
  • Designs a variety of solar cookers: box cookers (one to four reflectors), conical reflector cookers, parabolic cookers, and panel cookers. Solar cooker models range from family-size to community kitchen capacities, as well as portable, foldable models for eco-tourism, backpacking and camping.
  • Provides consulting and research on a variety of solar technologies, including PV (Photo-Voltaics).
  • Conducts workshops, field studies and local adaptations on solar cooker/dryer devices and uses.
  • Provides advice towards responsible eco-tourism, National Parks visitor centers with appropriate technology/education, minimizing tourist impact in delicate environments in developing countries.
  • Develops educational materials, training programs, and provides technology transfer.
  • Demonstrates products that test water for Coliform and E-coli bacterial contamination. Conducts field tests of water supplies.
  • Helps organizations in the developing world to develop and market renewable energy products.

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