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Fresnel lens

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Wilson solar grill, 8-11

The Wilson Solar Grill is being designed to be able to use latent heat storage to cook after sunset, collecting the heat with a Fresnel lens.

A Fresnel lens is a lens that works like a convex lens, but which eliminates the bulk of such a lens by the use of a series of angled steps in the front surface of an otherwise flat sheet of glass or plastic. The steps are angled in such a way as to concentrate light at the focus.

Recent news and developments

Mueller Solartechnik Fresnel test cooker, 1-2-13

TFC (Twin Fresnel Cooker

  • December 2012: Bernhard Müller has published findings based on his experimentation with a twin Fresnel lens reflector solar cooker. This cooker was never meant to be a production prototype, and his company, Mueller Solartechnik, no longer manufactures solar cookers. As an engineering exercise, he has shown that incorporating the Fresnel lens produces quite high temperatures(278.6°C/534°F). However, the usable cooking area is small. Read more: TFC (Twin Fresnel Cooker) - Mueller Solartechnik

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