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Hi , I have had an idea to create a sun tracker . The idea is to create a sun dial made up of solar cells in the bottom of a box that remains in a fixed position.  Holes are drilled into the box  so that the sun will shine onto different solar cells as the sun crosses over. Second or 3rd row of holes can be made to accommodate the different seasons. The solar cell that is activated will send a signal to a control device which in turn make adjustments to the solar collector.           2 motors X and Y, ( vertical and horizontal movement ) adjust the dishes to the correct position for collecting maximum solar energy. This idea would be feasable if many dishes were coordinated on  a frame using a chain drive to connect multiple dishes to the motors.00:46, February 2, 2013 (UTC)Stephen.duqette (talk)

Hi, Stephen. I believe that this is how many trackers work. Many do it with a single solar cell that becomes shaded as the sun moves causing a small motor to run and turn the solar device. Thanks for your input. Tom Sponheim (talk)

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