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Forums: Index > Help desk > How to get patent registration for a new type parabolic type of solar cooker designed by me

i have designed and fabricated a parabolec type of solar cooker.steam will be produced in the system.the house wife can cook food in kitchen. iam using in my house. on the roof parabolic truf concentrator with automatec tracking north-south used. this is ment for average house 5 to 10 persons. each and every part of this equipment is designed by me. i want get patent registration for the above. what i have to do? please suggest for further proceedings.


You can apply for a US patent using information and forms available from the US Patent Office. You should check to see if what you have invented is actually new. For more info on similar systems, see Parabolic reflectors. Your system sounds similar to one invented by Wolfgang Scheffler. Also, note that a patent is basically only a license to sue. Nobody will inforce your patent for you. You have to pay all of the costs to sue violators. Tom Sponheim 16:28, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

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