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Please bear with me as this is my first post ever and am not certain if this is appropriate here or not, if it's not, my apologies.

Unfortunately, I have some information the author(s) of certain content might care to follow-up on as there appears to be a violation of the GFDL.

A "new" eBay seller is presently using, without attribution(s), the preamble of as their product description for either The Minimum, or the Easy Lid cooker Designed by Chao Tan and Tom Sponheim. eBay auction item number: 250249281481

I nearly fell over when I saw they're selling a version of this cooker for the suggested opening bid of US $89.99, plus a UPS shipping charge of US $19.99. Fortunately, at this point no one has bid on the item.

I KNOW eBay would likely ignore my complaint on this, so I've contacted the wikia staff and they've asked me to contact you here, so that the authors can, as suggested by wikia staff, first contact the seller and then if not satisfied, contact eBay directly about the matter. I've also sent a note on this to and haven't heard back from them as of this writing.

Lastly, thanks for all your efforts. You folks are doing great work for those interested in solar cooking!

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