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[[File:Foldable_Sun_Bowl_Cooker.jpg|thumb|300px|The [[Foldable Sun Bowl Cooker]]]]
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The '''Foldable Sun Bowl Cooker''' is another [[Solar panel cookers|solar panel cooker]] variation from designer, [[Teong Tan]].
It has been constructed from a cube-shaped cardboard box, measuring 18" on all sides. Two cookers can be made from a single box. The cooker can also be made from a square sheet, 92 cm x 92 cm (36" x 36"), of new cardboard or polypropylene board.
The cooker can be tilted to aim directly at the sun for maximum cooking efficiency, and it can also be folded down to 45 cm x 45 cm x 2.5 cm (18" x 18" x 1") size for transportation. The extended ends of the string are useful for securing the cooker to heavy objects on windy days. Construction of this cooker is easy with minimal cutting required.
==See also==
*[[Fun-Panel|Fun-Panel cooker]]
*[[Sunny Cooker]]
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*[[CooKit#Teong_Tan_variation|CooKit, Teong Tan variation]]
{{See|Teong Tan}}
[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar panel cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar panel cooker designs]]

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