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[[File:Flat reflector open solar cooker1.jpg|right]]
[[File:Flat reflector open solar cooker1.jpg|right]]

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Flat reflector open solar cooker1


The flat reflector open solar cooker is a design based on the Cookit, a cooker that includes a rigid base (made with wood and metal). The flat reflector open solar cooker Includes a cooking grill and at any angle of the sun, the solar radiation can directly hit the food being cooked. It's suitable for winter periods in non-tropical regions and in low temperatures. The improvements made to Cookit make the cooking process more efficient as higher temperatures can be reached reached, which decreases cooking time and allows the cooker to be used year-round, including winter months. The cooker can reach temperatures of around 150º C.


The reflector, similar to the Cookit panel, is made of cardboard and aluminium paper. The suggested materials for the base are: strips of wood (2” x 1”), a metallic tube 5/8” in diameter, and a piece of soft iron about 1/4" thick.

Flat reflector open solar cooker2

Different positions in which the flat reflector open solar cooker can be used



  • Panel: 46 x 30 cm and 60 cm
  • Base: 90 x 57 x 40 cm


  • Panel: 300 grams
  • Base: Depends on the materials used

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