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Matt West 19 April 2008

I've just now envisioned the ULTIMATE SOLAR COOKING COMBO CART. Envision any sturdy cart. Now envision it with a solar oven and a solar dish cooker side-by-side on top of the cart. That's the next thing I will build and post here. I want to hear from people who would like to see this thing controlled by using Radio Controlled Car parts. You only need to make two adjustments; verticle and horizontal, and only every 10-20 minutes. With a remote adjuster control you could aim it from indoors and continue with what you had been doing, without having to stop to go out and track the sun. Or, at least a switch to control a motor would be very useful to keep people from thinking of it as a chore. Automatic solar tracking is even more attractive sounding if it will properly focus a parabolic dish once per minute or whatever.

Now envision the cook and the people who are using it around the world. The cart will need lots of baskets, cabinets, and an insulated storage cabinet/steam cabinet or both. If it were me cooking for years to feed a large family, I would want all the claptrap one would find on a top-notch vendor cart and more. Items such as a tool caddy and spice rack, napkin dispenser, solar weather radio, and normal radio, and other solar electronc items, with a battery and LED lights for use after dark. Don't forget hot and cold water jugs, washbin, towels, sunblock, toothpick holder, and a rocket stove too. Now think even more empathetically and you know you need a good picnic umbrella and/or shade tent/awning, as well as a folding chair or two.

South of the equator the cookers need to be on the other side or the cart. On the equator you cannot have stacked cookers; a big part of the day they would shade each other. By being juxtaposed you wont have accidents involving the breakage of your oven and so on.

Now think bigger still. Envision a 16 ft trailer loaded with multiple solar cooking devices and a family earning a living with solar cooking. On cloudy days they switch to wood or whatever. They can soot their pots on those days. Soot is excellent for absorbing sunlight.

Teach them to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime.

Post your Solar Cooking Combination Cart photos.

Matt West

West's Parabolic Solar Canner Boiler Steamer cart 009
West's Solar Oven Cooking Cart in action closeupssmaller

This simple solar oven was made on the recycled lower body of a gas grill. Roast a chicken, slow cook, reheat food. The oven appears to reach temperatures above 200 degrees F. It will hard boil eggs.

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