A thru - wall nonimaging concentrator has an augmented unglazed fixed anodized aluminum (AA) reflector ‘box’ for trailer kitchens and pergolas . A ridged reflector base - bracket reflects s unlight upwards thru a grill to the cookware underside. Augmenting reflector is fixed on the t railer wall above the AA boxes and fabric reflector at E or W changed at solar - noon may be added. T arget cookware that slide in - out thru a reflector top - hinged door for optical - thermal studies includes all - glass evacuated tube s and SCI roaster . The lightweight AA reflector box with wood - base is bracketed to a trailer wall and removed when on the road . A full size reflector box mock - up was fabricated with AA reflector sheet (0.020 in) hand - cut with scissors, pliers, and clamps. After cutting out patterns, and bending, quadrants were clamped together and bolted. The reflector box - shape is also of interest for substrates pr oduction with glu ed flat glass mirror segments for houses , restaurants and autoclaves.

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