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Engineers Without Borders-Iran

Engineers Without Borders - Iran was founded by Soheil Salimi in 2012. They are located in Shiraz, in the Fars Province, Iran, which is well-suited for solar cooking, receiving many days of abundant sunshine.

Engineers Without Borders-Iran is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which believes that one of the easiest way to help others is to simply share your knowledge . You don't have to be in front of a classroom to teach .Everywhere and everyday there is an opportunity to educate someone about your area of expertise. Our professional members are try to use their knowledge to seek solutions. Today's we inherited a world characterized by pressing global challenges . We must be prepared to focus our intellectual skill on problems of world health , food security , unequal access to resources , environmental degradation .what's more EWB Iran works in other subjects such as sustainability, astronomy and peace.

Recent news and developments

Solar Cookers Team

Razieh Amini nezhad (Food Science and Technology student), Niloufar Nekueian (Mathematics student), Fatemeh Rahimi (Mechanical engineering student)-right to left-


Soheil Salimi, Founder/President of Engineers Without Borders - Iran, lectures at the seminar.

  • December 2013: Engineers Without Borders - Iran (EWB-Iran) participated in "Research Week" (Dec. 14 - 20, 2013) at Fasa University, highlighting the importance of solar cookers. In this seminar they informed students and professors about the different types of solar cookers and their efficiency. The team included Soheil Salimi (Founder and Lecturer), Razieh Amini nezhad (Food Science and Technology student), Niloufar Nekueian (Mathematics student), and Fatemeh Rahimi (Mechanical engineering student). They tested two types of solar cookers. The Suntastic Panel Cooker, which raised the internal temperature of an empty 4-liter black pot with a clear glass lid to 150° C (302° F) in about 30 minutes, and 3 liters of water heated from 26° C (79°F) to pasteurization point, 70°C (158°F), in about 50 minutes.
    The suntastic cooker

    The Suntastic Panel Cooker

    They also teseted the Dual-Setting Panel Cooker (DSPL), which has two different settings to better concentrate sunlight according to the sun altitude.
    Dual-setting panel cooker (DSPL)

    Dual-Setting Panel Cooker (DSPL)

    More information can be seen at User blog:Soheil Salimi
  • November 2013: The group is organizing their efforts, and plan to hold solar cooking workshops and seminars at several universities, schools, or other public places in Iran to introduce this valuable technology.

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Engineers Without Borders - Iran
Soheil Salimi
Founder and President

No 11 - Parnia Apartments- Abrishami Street
Shiraz - Fars Province, 7144718173

Tel.: +98 917 387 1452


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