Last updated: 5 November 2014      

The Engineers For a Sustainable World Solar Ovens Team, affiliated with Cornell University, designs, builds, and tests solar ovens for use in the third world. Our mission is to improve and optimize solar oven designs in order to provide the third world with a cheap, sustainable, easy alternative to wood cooking. We are partnered with Grupo Fenix an organization from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeneria in Nicaragua that works in rural areas to increase awareness of sustainable lifestyles and research renewable energy. In a region suffering from deforestation, solar ovens reduce the need for women to spend hours of their day gathering resources and reduce the health risks from fires. We also work with Las Mujeres Solares de Totogalpa, a women's organization in Sabana Grande, Nicaragua. The Solar Oven Team works to increase solar oven usage by creating a sustainable solution that is culturally acceptable and desirable.


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