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Elmo Durta photo

Elmo Dutra

Fogao Parabolica photo

Fogao Parabólico

Elmo Dutra Eng, MSc, is a professor, and researcher in solar energy since 2000, with particular interest in solar cooking working in southern Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. He is the founder of Fogão Solar, and has developed the Fogão Parabólico parabolic solar cooker. He works with his students to create new projects, and also offers solar cookers from other manufacturers for sale through his website.

Fogao retenion box 1

heat retention box construction

Fogao Solar heat retention box 2

He also has been experimenting with his own heat-retention cooking device. A cardboard box lined with polystyrene insulation and surfaced with reflective film. And using a standard pressure cooker preheated, and placed inside.

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Elmo Dutra
276/902 Padre Carmine Fasulo St
Caxias do Sul

Tel: +55 (54) 32091251
Mobile: +55 (54) 99849277


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