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Ekopedia is a free (Creative Commons), collaborative (wiki), and multilingual encyclopedia project dedicated in providing answers and spreading practical knowledge related to environmental sustainability. Our goal is to help everyone become more independent and establish the foundation necessary to build a better world.


Created in Quebec in December 2002 under the name of, the project was initially in French and under Free Art License. It was using TWiki wiki application for collaborative edition and in 2004, community decided to migrate to MediaWiki.

The project got over 1000 articles December, 10 2006[1]. In February 2007, English[2] and Esperanto[3] Projects were created. Italian[4], German[5] and Polish[6] were created in February and March 2008 and the Spanish[7] in November 2008. Ekopedia has about 2500 articles (> 1 800 in French).

The Ekopedia Foundation was created in September 19, 2007[8]

In april 2009, Ekopedia has migrate all its contents from Free Art License to Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA-3.0)[9] in order to facilitate content sharing with other projects like Wikipedia, and Appropedia.

Project details

Ekopedia gives people solutions and practical knowledge in order to act in a more environmentally sound way. Ekopedia is a wiki-based website (like Wikipedia) using MediaWiki. Ekopedia now licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 (after having been under Free Art Licence for more than 6 years)[10].

Ekopedia is developed mainly in French, Polish, and Italian. In 2008, French Project received 2,3 millions uniques visitors and each day, an average of 11,000 people come to visit and participate in the project, which makes Ekopedia the most visited[11] French website focused on ecology]] and sustainability issues.

Ekopedia articles are organized around 12 topics in order to meet the basics needs of people : Birth, Education, Food, Lodging, Clothing, Art and craft, Thinking, Living together, Health and care, Travel, Play and Communication. There are thus many articles on green building, washable diapers, seasonal vegetables, electric vehicles or even tofu manufacturing.

Ekopedia is different to Wikipedia as certain types of content and collaboration are not suitable for Wikipedia[12]. In contrast to Wikipedia, Ekopedia content requires a different approach in selecting and writing articles.

Since the end of 2008, Appropedia and Ekopedia Projects are in active collaboration that could lead to a projects merge[13].

Press references

Here is a list of some press references:

Other references could also be found on Ekopedia Foundation Website

Who hides behind Ekopedia

Ekopedia is not related to any industrial group, financial, political, or religious. Its contents is the property of its authors (whoever want to edit) and the domain name is actually the property of its founder, Jean-Luc Henry.

How Ekopedia functions

Ekopedia functions on the principle of wiki application. Whoever can consult and modify the articles.


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