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==External Sites==
==External Sites==

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Eerik Wissenz was born in Canada and participated in a Chocosol project in Oaxaca, Mexico, with friends in 2006.

Then he brought the Solar Fire technology to Cuba in 2007 with Lorin Symington. A Vesta was presented at the "International Conference on Renewable Energy" (CIER, 2007) in Havana.

After Cuba, Eerik came to Europe in hopes of diffusing still further this open source technology with a solar community. He first worked to build a network of individuals and associations to diffuse the project in south of France and in Corsica. Toward this end the non-profit association Projet du Feu Solaire was created in Marseille in 2007.

In 2007 Eerik created with Eva the open source Solar Fire website with free constructions guides to encourage 'do-it-yourself' constructions everywhere in the world.

More than 20 Hélios and/or Batant/Vesta have been built in Mali, France, Belgium, Morocco, Madagascar, Kenya, and Texas, mostly for small collective uses, and many persons learned the techniques with Eerik or by themselves.

In 2009, in one of the factories of V. K. Desai (Tinytech), northern India, Eerik and Eva developed the Prometheus 100/Raviraj 100 (here) to produce solar steam for commercial or collectives uses... This prototype has been achieved on January 2011 with the SFP32, a concentrator of 32 square meters.

Eerik's vision of a decentralized solar economy is presented on Decentralized Democracy.

Recent news and developments

  • January 2013: Eerik Wissenz spoke at the Open Knowledge Festival held in Helsinki, Finland last September about the potential for solar power as an energy resource. Typically, Solar Fire technology has used steel frameworks to support an array of flat panel mirrors, which simulate the performance of curved parabolic solar cookers. The scale of the equipment is determined by the the intended uses, including cooking and agricultural processing on the domestic and village scale, and for local industrial activities. The most recent design has reduced steel use by over 70% by using wood or bamboo rows to support the mirrors. Unlike other large scale concentrators, Solar Fire consists of no curved metallic pieces, but is a simple frame with rows of mirrors, each flexed and inclined to concentrate sunlight either onto a boiler placed at the top of a tower or into an oven at ground level. Eerik Wissenz at the Open Knowledge Festival

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