Last updated: 25 July 2014      
Information on this page may no longer be current, but is retained here for archival purposes.

EduCARE India Intern Mr. SungYeon (S. Korea) organized a micro-finance project with Sun Ovens International to help migrants who have only wood wastes or cow dung for cooking fuel in 2010.

Through the years we have found mixed results with use by the internally displaced socio-economically poor migrants living in tents in outskirts of villages or small towns.

Currently (2014), we are trying to apply methodologies for adoption of solar cookers in the rural families of north western mid-Himalayas.


Mr. Balijinder S. Bhullar, Chief Project Director;
EduCARE India / ecoREstore India

Tel. office + 91/(0) 1892 22 11 00
Tel. mobile + 91 9805 47 59 56

Email: Mr. Baljinder S. Bhullar:, Mr. Sungyeon Park:,

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